One Seed At a Time

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DeAnna L'am PlantingWhen I first envisioned a Red Tent in every neighborhood, I had only a faint idea of how to make this a reality…

Do you dream of having a Red Tent in your community? Many women who train with me hold such a dream, yet they are often discouraged by the distance between their vision and the reality of their lives.

When I birthed my vision I was new to using social media, had only a few friends on facebook, and didn’t know much about how to realize my dream on a global scale. Today, having just returned from offering Red Tent Activation workshops all over Europe, and continuing to connect with almost 10.000 women worldwide via my Red Tents In Every Neighborhood page – I am reflecting on the power of energy gardening.

What are energy gardens? 

An energy garden is anything you give your attention to and nurture. Regardless of whether you enjoy getting your hands dirty or not — I would like to invite you to start planting energy gardens anywhere (and keep your hands clean, too!)

Whether you plant actual seeds in the Earth, or imagine them, whether you create an altar or a vision board — you are planting energetic seeds. The key is planting with Intention: when you put a seed in the ground – take time to contemplate what you wish to grow in your life. Or, if you have a vision you are passionate about growing — plant seeds! As you water your seeds – you are watering your vision. As your seeds grow – so does your intended project. As you marvel at the new leaves that sprout on you plant — look for evidence of your vision’s growth in your daily life… Look for little shifts and changes that show you are heading in the right direction.

When you plant energetically, choose your playing field: create an altar to represent your vision, draw or sculpt your dream, gather images to represent it and place them on a vision board, write a song about it… the possibilities are limitless. Note that each of these options starts with an action word: creating, drawing, sculpting, gathering, placing, writing… Actions take your vision into the manifested realm. Each of these actions is an equivalent to planting seeds in fertile soil.

When you plant energetically you can still tend your garden and follow its growth: spend time with the altar you created and add to it daily, move things around, envision your life with your vision fully manifest in it; Continue to evolve your drawing or sculpture, add details or fill in the blanks; Continue to gather images and evolve your vision board; Add verses to your song… and always track the growth of your ‘seeds’ by tracking the changes in your life, which reflect your vision materializing.

If you dream of having a Red Tent in your community, writing a book, raising a child, or climbing the Himalayas — plant a garden! Energetic or actual, gardens are road maps for bringing a vision into reality, one seed at a time!


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