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I’m excited to present to you my first YouTube offering ~
RED TENTS: Reclaim, Renew, Rejoice
This video is a call to renew ancient traditions, and reclaim menstruation as a spiritual journey.
It was filmed at the 2008 celebration of Menstrual Monday, on 5/5/08,in a Red Tent created by a small group of women
at the Sebastopol Downtown Plaza. It was taken by videographer extraordinaire Kathleen Quinn (see her contact info below!)
To access go to:
Hit “Watch In High Quality” (under bottom-right of video) for a much better view :-)
Feel free to post a comment on YouTube,
and to forward this link to all women,
particularly mothers of adolescent girls.
Together we can help foster a generation of girls into the strong, confident leaders of our near future!

I highly recommend Kathleen Quinn’s professional and compassionate video services. You can find out more about her work at:

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