Self Esteem Secrets

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Klara, an actress in Vienna had a secret:
though considered beautiful by many she had zero self esteem. In fact, she inwardly hated herself.

Constantly stressed, she suffered from migraines and depression and was dependent on other people’s opinion of her. These were her common beliefs:

“People seemed so successful & happy and I wasn’t”
“I thought something is wrong with me. It felt like I needed to work harder.”
“I was depressed. It was a constant fight.”
“Until I worked with DeAnna – I was in my head all the time!
“Because I was in therapy I could Name all my feelings but – I couldn’t DO anything about them. I couldn’t CHANGE anything.”

“After working with DeAnna my body became my Companion. My cycle became my Guide.”

As an actress – Klara’s approach to women’s roles changed completely:

She now takes into account the character’s self esteem and body image!

As a director – she now empowers women to write their own plays when faced with dis-empowering women’s roles!

“Everything shifted completely. 180 degrees.”
“I became extremely successful. And for the first time I had money. Well, I deserve that!”

Things continued to shift:
After being single for a long time, Klara met her life partner, got married, and became a mother.
This was a long-term dream which, in her depressed, self-hating days she thought will never materialize…

There are a few short stepping stones to getting from where you are to where you want to be:
Releasing your inner judge
Discovering your innate self esteem
Shifting from how you Look to how your Feel
Having community support

This is what I’d like to teach you how to do!

3 keys to Stop Self Judgment and a Foundation Practice to deepen Self Loving

Immediate access to the Self Loving Queen Masterclass

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