The ‘Normal Barbie’ gets her period

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The ‘Normal Barbie’ gets her period at last!

Bleeding BarbiAfter years of shame, taboo, and silence around menstruation, things are moving on.

Menstrual taboos went hand in hand with poor body image, represented by an unnaturally thin Barbi, and unrealistic body ideals depicted by starving, boyish top-models across the fashion industry.

A new generation of women has been reclaiming menstruation as powerful, and figuring out ways to offer empowering messages to girls about their body and menstruation. It is a delightful surprise that a man join this evolution of consciousness! 

Nickolay Lamm designed the Lammily dolls, known as the ‘Normal Barbies,’ in 2014.  Passionately advocating stopping the bombardment of girls with unrealistic images, he now took a further step in empowering girls by act of

Making menstruation visible!

Lamm is quoted by Huffpost Women as saying: “I’ve read horror stories of kids thinking that they were dying during their first period,” he said. “Parents are also wary of approaching this subject. So I feel Lammily’s ‘Period Party’ can introduce kids to menstruation in a very fun and disarming way, and give parents a very useful tool.”

It’s exciting to have a guy on board the Menstrual Revolution!

Lamm is conscious, and he pays attention: “Menstruation is still a taboo in our society” he says. “More than that — sometimes it’s still used as an insult. I just don’t think that something as core to a women’s life and health as menstruation should be seen as embarrassing in any way, shape, or form.”

What is even more exciting
is that Lamm’s dolls are not equipped with tampons
nor with disposable pads.

The doll’s colorful fabric pads
can open conversations with girls
about reusable menstrual products
and their benefit to the environment!

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