What Is Balance?

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Do you feel in Balance right now?

When we Look at nature, balance is an ever-shifting, waxing and waning dance…

Only twice a year, on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, is nature in absolute balance: day and night are equal in length, and the world stands still for a fleeting moment. Like a dancer, briefly poised on her tiptoes, nature is motionless. Like a dancer, she will continue to swirl and twirl in wide circles, until the next still moment arrives.

The dance always moves between two extreme poles: in nature these are the Solstices. Swinging between the longest day on Summer Solstice, and the longest night on Winter Solstice, nature continually seeks balance. Yet she only finds a perfect equilibrium in two days out of 365.

It seems, then, that balance encompasses two opposing poles, not only the mid-point between them.

If we compare the rhythm of the Earth’s dance around the sun to that of our breathing, we can experience Mother Earth inhaling during the day, and exhaling over night. She inhales in summer, and exhales during winter. The Spring and Autumn Equinoxes are then the still-points, which we often are guided to notice in ourselves when we breathe. Would the motionless moment between breaths be the only one we call ‘Balance’? Or would Balance be the entire cycle of breathing, with the understanding that it’s a moving cycle that swings between two poles? Balance consists of both extremities, as well as their middle.

When you set out to inquire whether you are in balance in your life, relationships, parenting, work and play, consider this: balance is never something you can hold on to! Balance is never a frozen moment in time. Balance can only be achieved through movement.

Look at Nature and ponder: What is the equivalent of Summer Solstice in your life? How is the likeness of Winter Solstice expressed in you? What are the high and low points in your activities? Or the most expanded and the most contracted facets in your relationships? Is there balance overall? Or are there many more wintery aspects in your parenting? Too many summery recreational times and not enough work?

Where are you in an Equinox poise? And where are you in a Solstice extreme?

Once you have identified the areas of balance and those which are out-of-balance, ask yourself whether there is anything wrong with this picture? There may not be… You may find, upon close examination, that you are actually satisfied with the overall balance, despite appearances of lack of it at times. Alternatively, you may notice areas in which you may have overlooked excesses. This is good information to have! You can now begin to consider what would balance look like in such areas, and then plan ways to go about achieving such balance.

Mother Nature is, as always, a wonderful guide for this. Looking at a fierce winter day you may judge Her extreme. Melting under the scorching sun you may deem Her imbalanced. Yet bearing with Her throughout the dance of the year, you could see how overall balanced she actually is.

Now, it’s your turn!

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