What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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Our old and trusty car (1992) was about to go to cars’ heaven, and my in-laws generously offered financial help toward replacing it. My partner and I decided I’ll be scouting and choosing a new vehicle, since I will be the one who would primarily drive it.

I went within, and asked to be guided by love (That’s the only thing I could be guided by, as my mechanical skills leave a lot to be desired…) Then, I set off to find a car that will be the best fit for our needs and budget. The newspaper didn’t have much to offer, and neither did Craig’s List. I decided to drive to the “Auto Plaza” in the nearest big city, which is paved with new and used car lots.

It started to rain when I stopped at a gas station. But as I was waiting for the tank to fill up, the sun came out (the Northern Californian sky does that even in the middle of winter :-)

I lifted my eyes and saw a magnificent rainbow on the horizon, directly over the area I was heading toward! My heart smiled widely, and I knew I was facing the right direction. I gave thanks for this unmistakeably radiant sign, and took another moment to align with my intention to be guided by love, before continuing my quest.

I quickly realized that there wasn’t any match to what I was looking for at the first lot I stopped at. I drove past a few more lots that didn’t feel quite right, and pulled in to the next one. The person that walked toward me smiled broadly, and his smile felt genuine. I got out of the car and explained what I was looking for. He showed me around, and I found two different cars that were a definite potential. We took both on a test drive, and chatted easily.

It was getting late when we returned, and I felt that I made significant progress, though I wasn’t quite ready to make a commitment. I announced that I’ll have to go home now, discuss it with my husband, and sleep on it all.

No problem,” said my guide, “let me give you my card…” And he handed me a business card embossed with his name in golden letters that read: Victor Love (!) I barely contained my broad smile from bursting into a belly laugh! Not only was I guided by Love, but it was a victorious one at that!!!

At that moment I knew my quest ended! I still needed to go home and discuss it with my husband, but I knew everything was falling into place. I returned the following morning and took the car of my choice to our mechanic, who couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it’s perfect condition. From then on — it was a smooth sail. The negotiation felt like a friendly banter, and I got the car at the price I intended to pay for it.

Our new car is sparkly blue in color, and my daughter named her Rhiannon!


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