Why is Menstruation Embarrassing?

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Why IS menstruation embarrassing?

Why is holding a pad something to hide?
What are we ashamed of?
Is it the pad, or ourselves?

What is shameful here?

Our body cycling every month?
Our ability to renew the inner lining of our womb monthly?
Our body preparing for new life every month?
Our womb Renewing itself monthly?
Our ability to shed Life Sustaining tissue from our womb when we don’t conceive?
Our ability sustain life in our bodies when we do conceive?
Our ability to birth new life?

Which exactly is shameful???

Woman, Fortune Goddess by Pamela Wells, art creditWe can start walking proud of our ability to: 

  • Cycle every month
  • Grow nourishing inner linings in our wombs
  • Shed our inner lining, monthly, if we choose not to conceive
  • Sustain life in our bodies, and nourish it in our wombs, if we choose to conceive
  • Renew and regenerate our wombs cyclically
  • Bleed for life!

Enough #WalkOfShame!

Lets walk tall and #PeriodPositive

Because #MenstruationMatters!

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