Women’s Magic – Help Heal the Gulf Oil Spill

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It all started with Vicki Noble’s visionary call!

Vicki wrote in an email:
“Is there a way we women — individually and collectively, around the globe — can use the potency of our menstrual blood as part of our visualization and healing for the Gulf Coast oil spill? It seems to me that if enough women who bleed were to practice such magic right now, there is a good likelihood that their menstrual cycles might synchronize across the miles, creating an ever more powerful web of invisible vibrational healing currents directed toward dissolving and releasing the oil.”

And this was the spark that started it all…
Of course WE CAN DO IT!

Like a snake shedding it’s skin, women shed the inner lining of our wombs, monthly. We renew and regenerate our tissues every Moon, by actively letting go of that which no longer serves us, and growing new cells, ready to nurture life, if we choose to conceive it. This is LIFE’S MAGIC.

We also use our imagination to create reality:
If we imagine danger around us – our body responds with adrenaline. My own body did one night, when I distinctively heard noises outside my window: dry leaves being stepped on, movement in the branch-pile… I was home alone, and my heart pounded so hard I thought it would explode. A few frozen moments later, I realized a cat was moving under my window…

The relief was palpable, yet the realization was profound: my imagined danger triggered a physical chain-reaction in my body… If my body responds so quickly and appropriately to conceived danger, as it would to real one, than my imagination has as much power to create — as reality does!

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between thoughts generated by outside reality, or by our internal process. Our whole system responds to either, just as effectively.

Back to healing the Gulf oil spill:
Since we have the power to generate shifts with our thoughts, let’s use it!
We flow monthly. We regenerate and renew our cells for a few days, and we cease flowing. This reality is also a metaphor we can use, by focusing our attention and intention.
Work with the visual concept of FLOW… Visualize your own womb gushing, flowing… then see the flow diminishing, until it comes to a full stop.

Next, visualize the womb of Mother Earth flowing from her depth. Feel the gush of oil rushing out; allow yourself to tune-in to the pain of the waste of it all, as this is part of the reality of the situation…

Then, gradually, see the flow of oil diminishing, until it comes to a full halt.

Feel the clear, clean waters fill the place where the gush used to be. Visualize the depth of the ocean growing new life, from the smallest, one-cell creatures, to fish of every size. See balance restored in the depth, feel the ebb and flow of ocean waves, and know, in your core, that all is well again…

Make this a morning meditation for now… If you are actively bleeding, your magic will be potent! If you are in-between cycles, or no longer bleed, you magic will be AS powerful (remember: your body responds to your thoughts, regardless!)

Lets join our energies with women around the world who are focusing, as we speak, on healing the Gulf spill with Moon Magic. Tune-in whenever you can, for however short or long a time. It is the intention that counts, and of this – we are never short!

© 2011 DeAnna L’am, All Rights Reserved

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