woman-goddess-nut-by-maya-cointreauWomen are Lunar beings.
From our first menstrual blood to the end of our lives — we expand and contract with the moon.
Wait, but what about menopause? Don’t we stop cycling with the moon?
Not really…
We stop bleeding, but we continue to expand and contract, we continue to
be Lunar in essence. We have a deep connection to the moon, whether we are aware of it or not!

We continue to dance with the moon throughout our life,
But at menopause – the moon changes its color!

Under the Red Moon – we menstruate, we ovulate, we dance our lives as
cyclical women.

Under the Purple Moon – we hold our blood and magic within, we dance our
lives as Wise Women, we take our place as Spiritual Elders!

Being Lunar is a state of being. It is the way we are hard-wired as women.

The Red Moon pulls on us as it pulls on the oceans and creates tides. It
pulls on the blood in our veins, it pulls on the water in our body, it
pulls on the blood in our wombs. It creates tides of swell in our moods, in our emotions, in our psyche. We can dance with these tides, or we can fight them – the choice is ours.

During her menstruating years, a woman walks her life connected to the moon
as if it were her personal kite. This kite catches waves of wind monthly, and when it does — it tags on your hand, and on your whole body, through the string that connects you.

At menopause – the moon changes color!
At menopause – the woman is no longer attached to her kite by a thread.
At menopause she herself becomes the kite!
She soars from within. She catches the wind. She can land and take off at
She is still a Lunar Being, yet her moon turns Purple.

Purple is the color of royalty. The color of wisdom, the color of our wise
Red begins the spectrum of light, and purple ends it.
Red is the color of our blood, of new beginning, of flow.
Purple is the color of our crown, of closure, of the Queen.

When we bleed — we dance to the drum of the moon. In menopause – we begin to dance to our own drum.

We move from the Red of blood, to the Purple of royalty, from the blood of life, to the wisdom of generations. From spiraling under the Red Moon to glowing from within – under a Purple one.

The moon is our nature, and like nature – it changes it’s color through the seasons of time. Like a flower deepens its color as it matures, like wine deepens its hue with age, so does our Moon moves from the Red of cyclicity, to the Purple of Royalty. And as with everything else – we have the choice of becoming conscious and embodying the changes, or not.
What do you choose?


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