Woman, art by Christian Schloe, Lady MidnightWhen you get your first period – you know about it! Menopause, on the other hand, you learn about only by looking back…

A woman is ‘officially’ in menopause after not bleeding for one full year. It took me six years to get there… The journey meandered from skipped periods to having one 2 weeks apart. Then, after counting six months of no blood, my MoonTime surprisingly returned (after which I had to start counting again!) This begun to reveal the gift of menopause: unpredictability!

After some 40 years of cycling, our rhythms become predictable. Even if we cycle irregularly – we learn to know our cycles. Their clockwork punctuality or their wandering changeability becomes familiar, even predictable. We know what to expect. And if we awaken to it — we even plan ahead: we arrange our commitments around our menstruation in order to accommodate the needs of our body and psyche when we bleed.

Menopause changes all this! All of a sudden we are faced with not-knowing-what-to-expect… This is a gift. It calls us to be fully present in each moment. It takes away advanced planning in favor of Being Here Now.

As with anything else: we can choose to become victims of the unknown or embrace the opportunity for real-time presence. The unpredictability of menopause allows us to take stock of all areas in our lives where we became habitual, complacent, or operating on auto-pilot.

This is the Gift of Menopause:

It invites us to let go of our Comfort Zone. Only when we venture into the Unfamiliar — can we Grow… And menopause invites us to grow in NEW ways. What worked before may be useless now, since the paradigm has changed!

The new paradigm demands that you work with What Is. Its secret lies hidden in Hind Sight. Only in looking back you know that your Moon has Paused. Only in hind sight you realize that something you tried – has worked out. Or not… in which case you are invited to face anew what IS, and figure out a different approach based on this hot-present-moment, not on your old bag of tricks.

Planning ahead is great, yet it is meant for your cyclical years. Your Wisdom Phase – Menopause – asks you to show up in different ways: fresh, unrehearsed, original!

Can you leave the familiar shore? Menopause gives you no other choice. It shakes the foundations of your known world. It takes away the very definition of your womanhood (or seems to). Whether you used to define yourself by your cycle or not – it distinguished you as a Woman. Now, when your cycle is elusive, or has gone forever, the road becomes new. Untraveled.

By taking away the familiar, Menopause offers you the gift of turning inside and relying on fresh resources. It invites you to travel life with all the creativity, originality, and ingenuity you can bring, always being present NOW!

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© DeAnna L’am