1st Step to Changing the Paradigm

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A year is a CYCLE, though popular culture pretends time is linear, and tells us we move forward in a straight line, for instance: 3000 B.C., 1958 , to the current achievement: 2020!

Yet the seasons Turn and RE-turn!
Winter follows Spring, then Summer and Autumn return. What’s Linear about that?

Our BIRTHDAY returns again and again, on the same date, every year!

The 12 months of the year come around, in the Same Order, every year.

So why do we let ourselves believe that we move forward in a straight line?

We live in a GLOBAL CULTURE of LINEARITY and we bought into it’s paradigm.

The First step to changing this paradigm is to
RECLAIM Cyclicity!

Not only Women are Cyclical, not only the Moon cycles, but so do Planets, Stars and Galaxies – all move in Circular Orbits. As does Time!

However, CYCLCICITY is not even a recognized word! Each time I type ‘Cyclicty’ –my computer spell-checker underlines it with a red line, announcing that the Powers-that-Be don’t consider this a word. The powers that be don’t acknowledge our cyclical nature as worthy enough to be part of the language, let alone be honored and followed.

So here’s a New Year Resolution for you:
Make 2019 the year of cyclical consciousness!

Don’t plan for a linear progress. PLAN FOR CYCLES OF SUCCESS!

Plan for CYCLES of: Planting seeds, Nurturing their Growth, Celebrating their Blooms, Harvesting the Fruits of you labor, and… Planting another CROP! One cycle after the other!

Here’s to RECLAIMING our Cyclicity and living our lives with CYCLICAL CONSCIOUSNESS! Here’s to Changing a Linear paradigm into the Cyclical alignment that we, and nature, truly are!

Celebrate the Cycles of Time with Ceremony and Intention:

Click HERE for Winter Initiation

HERE for Spring Initiation

Click HERE for Winter Solstice Home Study

HERE for Summer Solstice Home Study

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