Every Day is Women’s Day!

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Happy International Women’s Day, sisters of the world!
Yet, EVERY Day needs to be Women’s Day!

What message do we send to our girls, our sisters, our men, our world – that there is ONE day a year in which we are celebrated?
That for the rest of the year we are taken for granted?
That 364 days of the year are someone else’s days?
That one day is enough?
That we are so unappreciated that a day needs to be set aside to remind everyone of our existence?

Why is it that all the unappreciated sections of the population need a “ghetto day” on the calendar?
Mother’s day
Women’s day
Secretary’s day

Yes, with time “Father’s Day” was added (just for equality’s sake, of course), and “Grandparents Day” too.
But no “Men Day”, ha?
Is it because men are seen, witnessed, heard, and lay the rules often enough, that it would make it ludicrous to set a side a day for them?

Is “International Women’s Day” redundant, then?
Should we accept our lot and celebrate it once a year, or should we call for it’s abolishment, in favor of visibility, acknowledgement, and validity every day of the year?
What do you think?

Write a comment below…
Together – we are changing the world!

3 Responses

  1. I think that the eighth of March is the commemorative day of all the women raped, enslaved and debased and that if we take it off, we take away the opportunity to talk about it, to educate and to reflect. I say that going to the restaurant or the night is not educational, but take to the streets and make your voice heard. Women are not at war with men, but men often behave as if they were. When women have equal income and access to command posts, then perhaps we can forget it and do as for independence a nice picnic among mimosas. But here today, it’s not like that yet.

  2. I hear what you are saying. And I agree that women should be heard and appreciated every day. My birthday is today. International women’s day. I’m not ready to let go of that added specialness… To celebrate with the whole world. You do give me pause for thought, but I forget to celebrate, so these reminders help me!

  3. Yo te leo y digo siiiiiiii, este es un dia y debiera ser toda la vida ,vamos por la hermanda y sororidad , las mujeres somos increibles , con esa fuerza inigualable, y dejemos a nuestras niñas el legado de respeto y la igualdad <3

    Jocy Chile

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