A Queen State of Mind

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DeAnna, age 6, as Queen Sharazad of Arabian Nights

When I was a girl I often imagined myself as a queen.

I would come down the stairs from our 4th-floor apartment In Jerusalem feeling a crown on my head. I used to imagine crowds cheering as I go past.

This is a picture of me, age 6. I was dressed up as Queen Sharazad of Arabian Nights for the Purim Costume Festival at my school.

Looking back I think I needed imaginary crowds to love me since I didn’t feel loved by those around me, in the way I needed to be loved.

I needed to imagine being a queen because being me didn’t quite feel good enough.

It felt awkward to be me…

I wanted to be thinner like my friend Mical, taller like my friend Batya, popular like my friend Ayelet, and brave like Tamar, the hero in my favorite childhood book.

Most days I felt shy, incompetent, unworthy…

It took years, and many inner journeys,
to reach a place of experiencing being a Queen
as a State of Mind, not a title.

I’m eager to share with you insight from my journey because, as Audre Lorde said:
“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”

I invite you to join me Freely on the Self Loving Queen Masterclass,
where I’ll be teaching:

– 3 Keys to Stop Self Judgment
– A Foundation Practice to Deepen Self Loving

It’s my Gift to you!

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