How to Stop Self Judgement

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I always wanted to be thinner, taller, blonder than I was as a girl.

I dreamed of having long, straight, flowing hair down to my waist, and hated my curly hair which my mom insisted I keep short.

I dreamed of having a pug nose and used to spend hours pushing it up with my finger while reading books, in the hopes that it will stay up!

It took me years to stop judging my body and to love simply Being In It.

Have you been struggling to love your body since adolescence?

Have you come a long way only to find that looking in the mirror still brings up judgments, negativity and wishing you’d look different?

Most women were raised to think we’re supposed to look anything but the way we do…

Let’s stop this vicious cycle!

Let’s take the power from the yard sticks – back into our heart

I’d like to support you with a gift of:

– 3 keys to stop self judgment
– A Foundation Practice to deepen Self Loving

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