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What does ‘Fluent’ mean? The dictionary defines it as: “The ability to speak or write a particular foreign language easily and accurately. From the Latin ‘Fluentem’ meaning To Flow.”

How interesting that Fluency is achieved of a ‘foreign’ language, and the Womb, indeed, is a Foreign Language for most who grew up in today’s cultures.
Probably because of the nature of Fluency, which comes from the Latin verb ‘To Flow’:

Fluidity is Non-Linear

Do we ever see a linear river, or a straight creek? An un-curved stream or an un-curled wave? Never! Because the very nature of anything that Flows is wavy, meandering, bending, and curving. And our Womb Flows…

Our Womb Flows with the rhythm of the Moon. It changes from one day to the next, and its cycle repeats form one month to the next. There are no straight lines here, only spirals!

Unlike the Moon, the Sun is Linear. It’s constant, it doesn’t expand or contract, and it’s rays travel in a straight line, which is the fastest way for Light to travel. Its linear model is the foundation for modern science, seeking the quickest, shortest, most straight forward explanation to phenomenons.

Linearity is definitely not a “foreign language” to contemporary folks. It is what we are taught in the way of critical thinking, achievement of goals, and pursuit of happiness. The only problem is that what befits scientific inquiry, or advancement up a ladder, is completely unsuitable for the pursuit of happiness. Especially the happiness of someone with a Womb!

Living with a Womb is a cyclical journey – by Design

Trying to live Linearly when you have a Womb is like trying to fit a Round peg into a Square hole… Just like symbols are the language of Dreams, Cyclicity is the language of the Womb. You wouldn’t attempt to interpret a dream using a mathematical equation, would you? Similarly, you wouldn’t understand your Womb if you try to read it linearly. It’s time we learn, practice, and become fluid in the womb’s Cyclical ways of being.

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