“Filthy” during our period?

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A brave sister from Tunisia wrote: “In Islam we are not allowed to pray during our periods… not even alone… we are considered filthy…” This painful comment was posted during a live broadcast conversation about the sacredness of our MoonTime, with my guest Jasmin Starrchild.

Islam is but one example for this conviction. Judaism, too, considers women “impure” during their menstruation. In India women are barred from entering temples during their MoonTime. And in a few Native American tribes women are not allowed into the Sweat Lodges while bleeding.

What’s wrong with this picture?
Is it misleading,
or is it pointing us home?

It seems that banning women from spiritual practices is an act of oppression practiced by religious male establishments over women. But is it possible that a deeper, powerful, hidden truth is buried under these discriminating acts?

What if religious institutions Usurped women’s Needs
to be alone, rest, pray, commune, prophesies?

What if what women used to do – naturally – for millennia, was turned into an “order” dispensed by religious authorities? What if instead of respect and support for women’s practices, those same practices were turned against them? What if this “ban” is based on fear of how Powerful women indeed are — during their MoonTime?

There is no need to engage with the “order”
but rather to go back to our age-old Practice!

Instead of engaging with those who wish to keep us out of their prayer circles, it’s time we re-kindle our own: by Ourselves, or in Red Tents, Moon Lodges, and “Women’s Houses”.

Our body and our soul call us to go inward when we bleed… To retreat into our own temple: our very own body… To disengage from the hum of the world, to rest, to pray, to be creative, to let go of the previous month’s actions and emotions, to create space for the new cycle to come.

We don’t need to go to any external mosque, synagogue, church, temple, or moon lodge when we menstruate. We only need to go into our Inner Sanctuary, our personal Temple: our living, cycling, renewing Body.

This is a call to all sisters, around the world, within any tradition that “bans” you from sacred spaces during your Menstrual time: Release any need to be part of these spaces when you bleed. Instead, listen inwardly and make space for your private communion with the Divine… Make room for your creativity in whichever ways it wants to be expressed… Allow for your deep need to rest and be quiet, to reflect, pray or dream, as you were meant to in the first place!

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