Boy supports menstruating girls

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Men & menstruation, boy & padBoy supports menstruating girls? Yes!

Seeing Jose Angelg’s call for boys to support girls – I wish I was a teen girl again…

It seems that a new generation of boys is growing up
catching on to the new #PeriodPositive wave
by supporting girls in REAL areas in their lives,
such as being caught unprepared at the start of their Menstrual Flow…

Its wonderful to see!

Yet there may be a hidden problem with #RealMenBuyTampons

It seems that the tampon & disposable pads manufacturers are also wanting to ride the wave (to fill their multi-billion industry pocket)
They have started shouting:
“Hey @falloutbooty99 we want to send you some free products to share with your girl friends” and they obviously shout their brand name off the roof tops.

Lets separate the GOLD from the LEAD:

#RealMenSupportWomen, yes,

but they don’t contribute mindlessly to clogging our landfills!

In the USA alone, 12 billion ‘feminine hygiene’ products
are dumped to landfills EVERY YEAR!

Women’s disposable menstrual products – pads and tampons –
are the Number 2 cloggers of landfills,
closely trailing Number 1: disposable baby diapers

Calling all Real Men to:

  • Educate yourselves about menstruation
  • Learn about sustainable menstrual products
  • Dare to hold in your pocket a RE-USABEL CLOTH PAD!

Guys, I salute your partnering with us,
and urge you to support girls & women not only in their need for a pad,
but in the Need of us All for a Clean, Sustainable Planet.


By carrying a Re-Usable Pad!
The investment you make in a Tampon or Pad Box will disappear into nothing.
The same investment in a few Reusable Pads –
will give your girlfriend a gift for Years, not just for this month…
And it will help our world be more sustainable!

Read More About Men & Menstruation Here

Together – We Are Changing the World!

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