Women don’t need to have periods

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Women don’t NEED to have periods?

Art by Andrius Kovelinas
Art by Andrius Kovelinas

That’s what a recent article in ‘The Atlantic’ claims. It also makes statements such as:

“Many women don’t want a period every month and take the pill continuously. This carries no harm, either short- or long-term.”

And – “Getting rid of periods saves time, money, pain & stress, with no known medical downsides.”


Medical News Today lists 10 Most Common Birth Control Pill Side Effects:

Intermenstrual spotting, Nausea, Breast tenderness, Headaches, Weight gain, Mood changes, Missed periods, Decreased libido, Vaginal discharge, Visual changes with contact lenses.

Healthline lists a much more comprehensive list of side effects, noting that birth control pills effect all body systems, from Cardiovascular & Central Nervous Systems, Digestive System, Skin, Hair, Nails, to the Reproductive System.

What do women NEED to have, then?

A taxing, stressful job where they can ‘man up’? A linear existence? A new truck?

The crux of the matter is that women don’t ‘Have’ periods, we Are Cyclical!

We women ebb and flow with the moon, we dance a monthly rhythm of expansion and contraction, we move from outward- to inward-bound modes of being, from action to dreaminess, and back again… We can’t thrive in a mono way of being. It is not how we are wired as women. Sure we can pretend, mold, shape, and medicate ourselves to be otherwise, but what we loose in the process is our uniqueness…

Do we NEED to be unique?

Well, this is a very interesting question. Uniqueness is typically an expression of who we are, not necessarily a need.

Uniqueness seems deeply connected to self esteem. When we are unsure of ourselves we typically wish to blend in, to be like everyone else, not to stick out, not to rock the boat… Is this what we aim for when we decide to not have periods?

On the other hand, when we feel self assured we are often delighted to stand out! We feel good expressing our individuality, being who we are, and staying true to ourselves.

For better or for worst, we are Cyclical Beings.

This is not a choice, it is a fact.

The only thing we have a choice about is how we feel about it. We have the choice to suppress our cyclicity, to blur the differences between us and men, to imitate a linear way of being, and to bear the various side effects and consequences.

We are also free to befriend our cyclicity, to embrace our differences, and to live our full range.

What is Your Choice?

Click HERE to learn more about how to befriend your cycle


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