Coming of Age: Honoring Our Mother’s Line

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I am DeAnna,
Daughter of Eva,
Daughter of Serena,
Daughter of Rosza,
Daughter of Mother Earth…

I am DeAnna,
Mother of Ellah,
Grandmother of life to come…

I am here!

So starts one my favorite ceremonial activities:-)

In circles of women around the world I witnessed women moved to tears by the simple yet profound act of calling-in their Mother’s Line.

Regardless of your relationship with your biological mother, of any personality differences between you, or any painful memories you may carry about her mothering, the fact remains: your mother menstruated monthly under the roof of your childhood home. From the onset of your adolescence, you both menstruated under that same roof, perhaps without talking about it, often without honoring it, and likely under some emotional or physical discomfort that may not have been acknowledged or shared…

The Red thread of our monthly cycle connects us to All women: our mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and all women in our Ancestral Line, deep into the mists of time.

Acknowledging this connection is deeply nourishing to our soul, as much as being cut-off from it is wounding, in more ways than we know.

The “entitlement society” we live in is based on the notion that everything starts with us! But, of course, not much does…

We grow from roots deeply planted in the fertile ground of our ancestors. We carry their genetic signature in our body, our features, even our traits. We embellish their legacy with our own uniqueness, passing on a living heritage to our children.

This is an invitation to honor your Mother’s Line as a living thread in the tapestry of who you are.

Reflect on the amazing fact that you and All your female ancestors bled monthly in order to give life. Acknowledge that without bleeding — none of you could have given birth. Rejoice in the knowledge that you are a link in a chain of generations that begun before time, and will continue long after you are gone. Honor the fact that we are all bonded by the deep, visceral connection of our MoonTime: our monthly menstruation.

Sit quietly with your child, or children, and call-in your Mother’s Line. Then invite them to call theirs, which will be the same as yours, but will include their name, and yours as their mother.

Tell them about all the endearing ways in which they may be like their grandmother or great-grandmother. What features or traits do you see in them that reminds you of women in your Mother’s Line? This will not only strengthen the bond between you, it will also start to create a deep sense of belonging in your child.

When we know where we came from, we can be clearer about where we may be going. Sharing the names of the women in your Mother’s Line with your children, remembering them all, and acknowledging the unspoken bond between you, is a deeply grounding experience. It brings continuity and awareness. It is a gift to yourself, to your children, and to generations to come.

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