PMS Can Stop With You!

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Do you truly believe nature intended women to suffer monthly?

This is a rather absurd idea, when you think of it this way, since menstruation is an essential component of women’s ability to birth life. Without it, women will not be able to conceive…

So how did this happen?

How did a natural process become such a problem?

Lets look at how menstruation is held by the culture at large.

In western cultures women seem to be doomed when the do, and doomed when they don’t (bleed, that is). Women are considered to be out of control when they are “on the rag,” and out of control when they are in menopause…

Imagine how out of control one might get when their body is tired, their mind fatigued, their emotions exhausted… when every ounce of their being wants to go to sleep, yet they are not allowed to do so…. not only are they denied sleep, they are expected to go to work, be productive, cordial, efficient, and social…. wouldn’t you go berserk?

Well, women often do, if we buy into the cultural expectation of having “every day of the month be the same”, and push ourselves to prevent menstruation from interfering with our work and life.

On top of this, we are also fed a diet of negativity about our menstrual cycle, from a very young age. A cultural taboo, often not mentioned by name, menstruation is referred to as a “necessary evil,” a nuisance, or “the curse.”

Now imagine again how you would feel if you were so tired that all you could think of is sleep, yet you were told that your state is “a curse” and you must get over it and get on with your work… Or if you were offered medication to overcome your tiredness, and expected to perform at top notch?

Wouldn’t you snap?

Indeed, this is what happens to many women all over the world, in response to years of internalized negativity about menstruation.

This is coupled with the unacknowledged, ignored (and often unconscious) deep yearning to go inward, rest, replenish, and renew, during menstruation.

Add cultural hostility to our denied monthly need to regenerate, and what do you get? Out-of-control-raving-mad-lunatic-raging-bitch! And rightly so! Since this is the ONLY way we can express the tension inside us… Or, perhaps, the only culturally acceptable way… To which society reacts by perpetuating the belief in menstrual “badness.”

Not being taught to honor our monthly need for regenerating our emotions, and renewing our spirit (while our body renews itself) we not only loath our menstruation, but start developing symptoms, which will make us slow down, stay in bed, rest…

This whole chain reaction could have been prevented in the first place, had we slowed down and took time out, monthly, without our body having to scream at us via painful symptoms…

This “chain of pain” is passed on collectively by our culture, and individually — from mother to daughter.

Your Grandma was probably handed negative messages from your great-grandmother, your Mom from your Grandma, you from your mother, and now, is your daughter receiving this painful legacy from you? How about your granddaughter, stepdaughter, niece, or your best friend’s daughter?

Do these girls hear you talk about menstruation as something you dread, hate, or can do without? Do they experience the wrath of your mood swings, irritability, or depression when you are menstruating, because you don’t take time for yourself?

What message do you think this conveys to them?

And if you could convey another message, wouldn’t you?

Yes, you may say, but I can’t convey another message since I’m suffering from PMS symptoms…

Here is where I’d like to rock your boat a little (or a lot) by saying: PMS is Not a Requirement!

PMS is your (wise!) body’s strategy for getting your attention!

It is your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down, go inward, release any toxins from the month you’ve lived, and regenerate yourself for the month ahead.

Taking medication for PMS is like taking pills to suppress yawning when you are tired, while all you need to do is go to sleep

When you start questioning the beliefs you internalized about menstruation, when you start caring for your body and allowing it to naturally renew (rather than suppressing its need to rest) you are going to be able to gradually reclaim your cycle as a source of renewal in your life.

Not only would you reverse your symptoms, but you could stop the legacy, which our culture has been blindly passing down from one generation to another.

Furthermore, you’d be able to model an empowered womanhood to the next generation, starting with your own daughter. She and her peers will, in turn, be able to pass it on to those yet to be born.

PMS can stop with you! And together, we can change the world

© 2011 DeAnna L’am, All Rights Reserved

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