Visioning The New Year With Your Child

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Every New Year, for many years now, my daughter Ellah and I spend the afternoon creating Vision Maps.

We browse through all the greeting cards we received over the past year, peruse a pile of colorful magazines, and cut out images, phrases, photos, or words that catch our eyes and hearts.

This is a joyful and colorful process, which takes as long as it takes:-)

1.1. 2014
1.1. 2014

Then comes the creative part:
We each have a white cardboard and we start placing the images, words, and pictures on it, creating a collage of how we would like the New Year to look and feel like!

I encourage you to make time for creating a New Year Vision Map with your daughter, son, or the special child in your life.

It doesn’t matter if it’s late December or early January… what’s important is that you and your girl are together, taking time to envision and shape the coming year visually and creatively.


You are teaching your girl quite a few empowering lessons here:
~ Envisioning is essential to creating the outcome you desire
~ Creativity is the means to envisioning
~ You’d rather do this with her than with anyone else!

My Vision Map is divided into quarters, each devoted to one of the coming seasons. I glue in place images and phrases that, to me, symbolize Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer of the coming year.

Once we complete our Vision Maps, we hang them up: Ellah in her room, I in my office. It’s inspiring to look at, throughout the year, and I love being visually reminded of the directions I set myself at the beginning of it.


Calling it A Vision Map makes it just so: a road map that you use as you go along, to ensure you’re on the path you chose for yourself, or to adjust your course accordingly.

When I look at last year’s Vision Map I can see that my year followed my vision rather closely…

On New Year’s Eve, just before creating next year’s map, Ellah and I give our old Vision Map to the fire in our fireplace, give thanks for the blessings we’ve shared, and let go of the ending year. Now we are ready for a new vision, a new road map, and a new year.


I would like to inspire you to chart the upcoming year: by yourself, with your daughter or son, with family or friends. It is not too late – any time in the beginning of the year would do!  This creative and fun way of paving the road for the future – will convey to your child more than a thousand lectures will, the value of visioning and planning, the appeal of creativity, and the need to chart where you are going before setting off… The priceless connection you share with each other will be a deeply satisfying bonus!


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  1. I just recently joined this summit and I am so very excited about what you’re doing Deanna! I feel a pull in my heart to start a red tent in my own community. I remember growing up, being taught from the time I was a child that a period was a curse, it was painful, it was a time where a woman was “bitchy” or something negative along those lines. Never once was I taught that it was a natural and beautiful cycle, never once was I nourished or cherished for this cycle. It was just either turned into a joke or made out to be a terrible curse. It’s Goddesses like you in this world who I adore and who I am inspired by so I can also help make a difference in the lives of young girls and women everywhere.

    Thank you for doing what you do, you beautiful soul.


    1. Thank you, Jennifer, for your warm words!
      I am delighted to hear that you are drawn to start a Red Tent in your community. This is wonderful!
      Please explore my site for resources, and the Summit will also be a great support!

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