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Woman, Photograph by Adriana Gerasimova3x4My Great-Great-Great-Grandmother sat in a Red Tent. My Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter, yet to be born in a distant future, will be sitting in a Red Tent, as natural to her as her own home. She will know that her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother, who is currently my teen-aged daughter — all sat in Red Tents before her…

Our current generations live in a gap: the gap between our Ancestors, and our Off Spring. Our mothers and grandmothers lived without a memory of places where women could go to, monthly, for renewal, regeneration, and support. The generations of women living on Earth today are rapidly remembering! We have a sense of what it would feel like to sit in a Red Tent monthly. More and more of us have an actual experience of it.

The gap closes by Activating Memories! We can’t reclaim, renew, or regenerate a tradition we never heard of. If there was once a tradition in which women planted forests together – we have no memory of it. But we do remember sitting in Red Tents. And when we remember – our longing awakens… When we remember – we can create anew.

Close your eyes and envision your great-great-great grandmother, and her mother before her, and a few generations back, until a picture emerges of a Female Ancestor in your Bloodline, sitting in a Tent dedicated to women on their Flow… What is she wearing? Who is with her? Is she by herself? Is she napping? Is she weaving? Is she giving birth? Is she brewing tea from leaves she gathered in the fields? Is she nursing a newborn? Is she talking with her dear friend? Is she part of a ceremony welcoming a girl into the circle of women? Is she midwifing a new life? What is her name?… Connect with her. Introduce yourself as her distant off spring. Ask for her help in awakening her tradition in your life.

Close your eyes and envision your great-great-great-granddaughter as a young woman, who recently entered womanhood through an honoring ceremony that filled her heart with joy and strength. Has she attended such ceremonies for her sisters? Cousins? Girlfriends? What does her local Red Tent look like? Has she helped renovate it? Or does it look as it did when her Mother and Grandmother were welcomed there into womanhood? Does she walk here from her home, or does she need to be driven? What is her name? Connect with her. Introduce yourself as her distant Ancestor. Give her your blessing…

Your great-great-great-granddaughter is sitting in a sacred circle with her mother, aunts, grandmothers, and friends. Listen as they invoke their ancestors’ names… Your name is spoken as a link in the chain of generations. You are honored as the Ancestor in whose era the Red Tent was but a memory… You are honored as the Ancestor who helped revive the tradition… You are honored as the Ancestor without whom their sacred space would not have come into being…

What seeds can you plant today for your great-great-great-granddaughter’s Red Tent? What actions can you take Now, that will fill the gap between your Ancestors from a distant past, and your Off Spring in the distant future? When you know what your first step is — take it!

YOU are the one who can make a difference in your own life,

in the life of your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or special girl,

in the lives of women around you,

and in the world at large!

Plant a seed and join the Red Tent revolution!

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