Does the Divine Feminine Need Your Help?

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The Divine Feminine is awakening” – how often have you heard this phrase? It became a truism, something we may take for granted, something we support in our minds, but how do our actions reflect this awakening? And more to the point: does the Divine Feminine need our help?

We, women, have been personally awakening for years. We became aware of our social inequity and fought to level the playing field (which is not quite level yet…) We became aware of our needs and worked to become assertive in asking for their fulfillment. We found Goddesses in all indigenous cultures of the world, and embraced them as our role models and inspiration. We reclaimed the Feminine face of God. But are we hearing the Divine Mother’s call for help?

It isn’t enough to empower ourselves on a personal level, though it is a necessary first step! Once that step is taken, we need to widen our attention to include the whole. We talk about the emerging new era as The Age of the Feminine, of forging Feminine leadership models, of the Dalai Lama’s reclamation of women as bringers of change to the world, yet in all this celebration of empowerment, are we listening to the Divine Mother’s needs?

Lets continue, indeed, to empower ourselves and each other, but let us listen deeply as well… Lets close our eyes and go inward… Calm our breathe and delve into the depth of the Earth, into the Womb of our Mother, and ask Her how can we serve her awakening…? How can we help wake up the Divine Feminine in the hearts of all people?

We act as if we know a lot, and we probably do… But when we are in service to something greater than ourselves — we need to ask for guidance. In serving the Divine Feminine we can’t come from a place of knowing, but from a place of inquiry… The Divine Mother has been bearing the spite of a patriarchal world for millenniums. She has been humiliated, abandoned, degraded… Forgotten by a collective that once revered and honored her…

Our personal empowerment is a facet of Her healing, it is an expression of Her rising, an instance of Her awakening, but lets not forget that in the larger picture we are serving Her, not a separate self… Our personal rise is an aspect of Her awakening, not the other way around… It is not our personal empowerment that awakens Her. It is Her awakening that is expressed through our personal and collective empowerment as women!

We have been busy breaking our own shackles, which is a powerful and worthy cause. However, this is not an end in itself. It is a feature of Her rising! And as such, we need to become fully aware of the need to work collectively in Her service, attuned to Her needs… Working personally in the service of empowering our selves and women in the larger culture — is the vehicle in which the Divine Feminine can rise again in human consciousness. When we collectively engage in throwing off the shackles of the Divine Feminine, we are serving Her, not ourselves, and so we need to deeply listen… to yearn to discover what She needs form us at this time.

Liberation is a collaborative task, and service, when offered, is always to something greater than ourselves. When moving from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ it is essential to remember that ‘We’ are all facets of the whole that we aim to serve. And this Whole, the Divine Feminine, needs each of us!

Listen inwardly, what is She asking of You? How can you, with your unparalleled gifts, serve Her awakening in the hearts of all? In what ways can you dedicate your own journey of empowerment to serving a new dawn? How can you bring your unique hue to the wave of Her rising?

As part of her commitment
to support the awakening of the Divine Feminine,
DeAnna is offering her 3rd annual Red Moon Certificate Training
a long distance course for women who wish to:

~ Reclaim their cycle as source of inner guidance and spiritual strength
~ Renew Coming-of-Age traditions in current cultures
~ Offer transforming journeys to women & girls in their communities

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3 Responses

  1. I like what you are about and what you write, Deanna…. nice vision, that of having communal red tents for women…. wish I could go in one right about now and feel the love of women around me….
    Yes She is Rising…. and we are all a part of Her! Blessings, Leigh Jardine

    1. Thanks for your comment, Leigh!
      Yes, I fully understand wanting to crawl into a red tent just about now :-)
      I am not sure where you are located but I offer them periodically around the world, and am committed to travel to offer them anywhere women are hungry for this work!
      Let me know if you’d like to explore!
      With many blessings,

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