Happy New Year 2020!

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2020 is the year of Women’s Power:

We, the Women, are who we have been waiting for!

No one else coming. No shining armors (with a prince inside them). In fact, no more armors!
Instead: open arms, fueled by a heart – from where all change bubbles up…

2020 is a year of change: Just looking at these numbers brings a visual Balance.

What will you balance up in your life in the coming year?
What excess will you let go of?
What deficiency will you work on filling?

Regardless, I invite you to make one Clear Commitment: Don’t Do It Alone!

We, the Women, are NOT “I, the woman”…

We are not only Stronger together, but in fact, we can’t bring collective change UNLESS we are Together!

This new beginning is a time to gather women around you: who will support you?Who is in your network of sisters? How will you sustain the sisterhood over this coming year?

There are many ways to do this. My suggestion is: The Red Tent!

The Red Tent is where you can: ground together, receive and give support, weave community, birth visions, take actions, model a new world to the girls growing up today!

Whether you hold Red Tents, participate in them, or never been in one, I invite you to be inspired by them, and I created a vehicle where you can Freely receive inspiration.

Check it out HERE

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