Heart Clarity

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When I need to get somewhere – I rely on my head.
But when I need CLARITY — I turn to my heart…


Finding a destination on the map, such as a friend’s house, a national park, or an office building, requires that I follow a predictable path. A path trodden before by many people, on foot or in cars, for many years. It requires that I use my logical mind – my head – and follow solutions found by many before me. This is not a time to be creative, intuitive, or innovative. It is a time for treading in the footsteps of those who walked before me, relying on their written or spoken directions, or – on the help of a map designed for the multitudes.

However, when I need Clarity about a Decision, an Action, or a Direction (none of which are geographical) – I tune into my Heart.

Like many, I used to be in the habit making Pro & Con lists. I was dedicated to weighing ALL benefits and risks, considering all angles, and taking into account all points of view. Invariably, I was left exhausted, overwhelmed, and as confused as I was to begin with, unable to make a decision on how to move forward. Flipping a coin would have been just as effective (and much quicker) than the endless deliberations.

And then I discovered my Womb:
the Heart of my Womanhood, the Seat of my Intuition

Unlike our mind, which is Linear, our Heart and Womb are Cyclical.
It’s clear why our womb is circular in nature, as it cycles with the moon every month. It even continues to pulse with the Expansion and Contraction of the moon beyond menopause. But our heart?
Indeed, our heart is Rhythmic, not linear. It doesn’t help us get from point A to point B. It doesn’t advance toward a goal. It keeps a rhythm. It beats the rhythms of your life cycles.

Women are Cyclical Beings, raised in a Linear world

We often lack the tools, skills, and experience with which to seek clarity anywhere else — but in our minds or heads: the weighing realm in which we were raised, the calculating arena from which the world is run.

This is like trying to find your Life Purpose using a Calculator!

There is another way!
The cyclical, intuitive, poetic realm of our Heart and Womb is there for us. Waiting to be discovered. Pregnant with Insights not yet born. Growing wisdom not yet tapped into.

Your Heart is awaiting to offer you Clarity!

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