If Grandmother Told you Moon Secrets

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“I wonder when Grandma will tell me about the Magic of the Moon, like she promised” you ask yourself. At 5 or 6 years of age — you see Magic all around you, and you can’t wait!

As dusk settles-in, you spot the Moon up in the sky. “Granny, granny,” you call running to her, “I can see the Moon!”
“Oh, do you now?” says grandma, “What shape is she?”
“Ummm… Is the moon a girl?” you ask, “I think she is a half-a-circle”

“Yes, child, the Moon is a She,” grandmother says, “and this is part of her Magic… lets see now… can you tell if she is growing or getting smaller?”
“How?” you ask “how would I know?”
“Come outside,” grandma says “and I will teach you!”

The evening is clear and a soft breeze caresses your skin. “Reach your hand up, child,” says grandma. “Can you cup the round-part of the Moon with your Right hand, or with your left?”
You excitedly try both, and in an instant you call out: “With my Right!”
“Yes” says grandma, “Now listen to this sound: RRR… RRRight… RRRising… Can you hear how they both start the same way?”
– “Yeah!”
– “When you can cup the moon in your Right Hand — she is Rising… gRowing… she’s on her way to being Full!”
– “Oh, I see,” you exclaim “so with my Left hand she is LLL…?”
“She is Lessening” grandma smiles, “she becomes less and less, smaller and smaller, until she is but a sliver of a crescent, and then she goes completely dark, before she begins to Rise and Grow again…”

You are quiet for a moment, pondering this.

“Let’s follow the Moon every evening, until she is full,” says grandma, “and then we will gather again with your mother, your sister, your aunts and cousins, and

… we will talk about Moon Magic!”

The days hardly pass as you wait for the Moon to grow full. You run out every evening to check up on her. Eventually the day arrives. You excitedly run to tell grandma: “She’s Full, she is full! I can cup her with Both hands!”

As evening descends, you gather in a circle under the full Moon with the women and girls of your family. Your mother sets up an altar on the ground, and she invites you to light a candle.

“The Moon is Within Us,” your grandmother says. “We grow with the Moon, and we curl inside with her… When your MoonFlow comes, you will begin to feel this yourself, child.”

You’ve heard about MoonFlow from your Mom. She told you that her Flow comes every month, and you often go out with her to offer her MoonFlow to the garden. You knew your sister and aunts and cousins all Flow with the Moon. One day, you knew it will be your turn. But you didn’t know, until now, that the Moon was Inside You! This was exciting!

“When you begin to Flow with the Moon, child,” grandma continues,

“you will feel her Dancing inside you. When she grows — you will feel her Dance grow in you: you would want to be out playing and playing… you would be like a bird, wanting to fly far and high… you’d want to explore forever! And when the Moon would be Full — you’d feel like you have energy to fly to the Moon and back!”

“Then… when the Moon begins to lessen, you might feel less like playing with your friends. You may feel like taking a nap… dreaming… whispering… You would be like a turtle, who wants to retreat into her own shell… And that would be exactly as it needs to be! Every month you will be Dancing with the Moon. You will have phases like the Moon does! And each phase would be delicious… Each phase will have its gift… Each phase will come and go… but the Dance will continue for the rest of your life!”

You silently take-in your grandmother’s words. The night is darker now, and more candles are lit by your cousins and aunts. Your sister comes to wrap her arms around you. “You’ve always been my sister,” she whispers in your ear, “but when you begin to Flow, you will become my Moon Sister!”
You curl up in her arms, and your heart feels as big as the Moon…

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  1. Dear Deanna,
    Thank you for all you are sharing. I am not so overt about the womb as you are, but I really appreciate connecting in now and then, it helps me by reminding me of my experiences and feelings, and by creating new stories. I love Rrr right; rising, Llll left; lessening :-)
    Thank you,

  2. I love this! I am bleeding now and really feeling like that turtle you spoke of. Your words, your stories are always medicine to me and I am so grateful for you and all that you bring and share. From my heart, thank you

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