Imagine Hearing Womb Secrets as a Girl

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Imagine yourself as a young girl of five or six years old.
Your mother calls you to come to her special place by the alter, asking you to bring your favorite dolls with you.
Your Grandmother is already there, together with your two aunts, your older sister, and your three girl cousins.

Your Grandmother invites you all to sit in a circle. She lights a candle and says: “We are all here today to tell you about your Gift as a Girl.”

You are excited, and a bit nervous, when grandma puts her palms on her lower belly, and says:
“I am a woman. I have a Womb.”
Your mother, your aunts, your sister, and your cousins — all follow. One by one they place their palms on their lower abdomen, and say:

“I am a woman. I have a Womb…”
“I am a girl. I have a Womb…”

Your grandmother nodes at you: “You are a girl” she smiles.
“And I have a womb?” you ask tentatively, not quite understanding what this means.

“Yes, child,” your grandma says, “and your Womb is Magic!”

Your eyes light up as your grandmother continues:
“Every girl has a womb…
It is formed when she is in her mother’s womb: her mother’s belly. And so it was… that when I was in my mother’s belly, my womb begun to form. Inside my tiny baby girl’s body, inside my Mom, my womb grew millions of eggs. Each of them magical. Each of them like a flower seed. Each of them could become a baby after I am born, and grow, to become a woman.”

“After many years, One out of my millions of eggs — became the flower which is your Mom!
And so it was, that when your mother was in my tummy,” your grandmother goes on “in my womb, there grew millions of eggs in her womb. One of them was the egg that became You, my child!”

“We are like a Daisy Chain!” grandma says.

“Each one of us has a womb that magically grows eggs, like a field that can grow flowers — many years later, when we are women.”

“Our flowers can be babies, or they can be anything we make up! Songs, dances, stories, dreams — they all grow in our magical womb. They need quiet and dark, like flower-seeds in the dark belly of Mother Earth. Only when they are ready they will be born into the sunshine.

When it’s time — our babies will be born to be people, or books, or songs, or dances… Because as girls we have a womb. And we can create anything we dream of inside our womb!”

“Now go play, child,” your grandma says, “and whisper this secret to your dolls: they are girls too, and they all have a magical womb!”

“Go and play with your girl friends in the fields. And when harvest time comes, and the moon is full, we will sit here again, and we will tell you about the magic of the Moon…”

It’s Never Too Late
for a Womb Initiation!

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  1. Would you mind if i share this in my Wildly Healthy Women (private) FB group? If so let me know if you’d like a link to your FB page or to your website. I loved this image. Gorgeous!

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