Men Explain Periods

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Men explain periods?
Or is there a hidden agenda there???

Men & menstruation, men explain periodsYes, it’s indeed funny to see men stumbling on their explanations, being uninformed and uneducated.

It’s a wonder what would women say when faced with these same images of our reproductive system: how many would accurately know what indeed happens inside us during menstruation?

We live in societies that are fraught with #periodshame and #periodshaming so it’s not all that common for women to fully understand what happens in their body, since advertisers pretended for years that menstrual fluid was blue, and spread the message that menstruation is something to be ashamed of, hide, medicate, or suffer silently while keeping on going.

The times are changin’ – that’s for sure. #PeriodPositive messages are spreading out thanks to brave women like Kiran Gandhi who allowed herself to freely bleed while running a marathon. Positive messages are also springing up in the wake of Donald Trump‘s miserable comment, which highlighted the need to educate men about menstruation.

However, are we truly aspiring to educate men?
Or are we being manipulated by advertisers?

Look at the photo above, taken from the ‘Men Explain Menstruation’ video,
which went viral.

What is the caption hiding?

You got it: two highly visible menstrual products, by companies whose names I have taken time to cover (since their brands are Not the issue here!)

These two products (a pack of pads and a tampon box) were placed in prime position: front-center. They have not moved for the entire duration of the video. They were the real ‘stars’ of the show…

It may look like a video about men explaining menstruation,
but in fact it’s about companies selling pads and tampons!

Lets reverse this trend –
Lets truly educate men in our lives –

Lets Reverse ‘the Curse’ for all of us!

Learn more Here 

Together – We Are Changing the World!


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