How much do men know about periods

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How much do men know about periods?
Not much, really…

It is not surprising, actually

What IS surprising, though, is that some of them are quite open to learning, and that their appreciation grows as they learn about women’s routine monthly practices.

The most pleasant surprise of all is that they are presented with a Menstrual Cup, not only with disposable products.

#JustATampon is proving to be an opportunity to educate the culture at large about menstruation, though it has been, to a greater extent, an exercise in publicity for the manufacturers of disposable products.

Once we realize how much men know about menstruation
We may want to ask ourselves:

What do We, Women,
Want Men to know about Menstruation?

What is important for You that the man in your life knows?

Would you want him to be familiar with your menstrual practices?

With the products you use?

Would you like him to become more comfortable buying products for you?

Would you want him to know about your NEEDS during menstruation?

How aware are YOU of you needs when you flow? (that’s key!) 

I believe the time has come
to honestly educate men about menstruation,
and I have started writing about this
(never thought I would!)

And I need Your Help!

What Would You Like Your Man To Know?!

Please let me know:
Comment below,
and on Red Tents In Every Neighborhood on Facebook

Together – We Are Changing the World!

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