Mirror Oppression

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I remember my Mom sitting in front of her mirror in my parents’ bedroom daily:
putting on make up and criticizing herself, taking off make up and criticizing herself.
She was never fully satisfied with the way she looked.

I remember her pressing out spots on my face, and my Dad saying to me while I squealed in pain: “to be pretty – you have to suffer.”

Like most of us,  I grew up seeing my mother crushed by cultural dictates. I inherited from my Mom (like most of us) the

Tyranny of the mirror:

Instead of seeing beauty reflected back at me, I heard inner judgments, and a litany of inner criticism each time I looked in the mirror, for years…

Does this sound familiar to you?

My way out of the oppression of the mirror begun with the realization that I can shift my focus from how my body LOOKS to how it FEELS!

The mirror shifted for me: instead of seeing an oppressor I now see a friend.

Having taken this journey for myself I know this:
If we don’t shift how we see our body, if we don’t make the mirror a friend we risk raising daughters and granddaughters under the same dictatorship of the looking glass.

I’m thrilled to offer you a way out!

The Self Loving Queen Academy
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