PMS – Change Your Mind, Change Your Symptoms

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“Your body and your mind are forever connected. Your body is responding to your thoughts continually — in fact, to nothing else. Your body is absolutely a pure reflection of the way you think. There is nothing else that is affecting your body other than your thoughts.” Abraham-Hicks

Do you acknowledge that your thoughts affect your body?

This is, actually, a liberating thought! For it means that your body’s well being is in Your hands! (or in your mind’s hands:-)

Reflect on the current well being (or lack thereof) of your womb, your reproductive system, your menstrual cycle…

If any (or all) of these are in less than a balanced state, it may be scary, even enraging, to think that your thoughts affected this state. Did you want to have PMS? Mood Swings? Abdominal Pain? Cysts? Ovarian cancer? Of course not!

The fact that you may suffer anywhere from mild to sever symptoms doesn’t mean you wanted to… It only means that you may be holding negative thoughts about your Female organs, and such thoughts express themselves in symptoms.

For instance:

The word “Yoni” (which is Hindu for Vagina) translates as “Sacred Space.” Did you grow up knowing you have a sacred space between your legs?

In Hebrew the word for womb comes from the word ‘Compassion’…

If your womb could speak, what would it say?

My womb would say: ‘Passion and compassion are mingled in me, within your depth… I am your other heart.’

Within a body-mind system that sees your vulva as a sacred space, your womb as your other heart, and your menstruation as the flow of life, would there be any chance for severe symptoms to develop? I believe not…
On the other hand, an adolescent girl’s body-mind system, who is warned by parents and society to avoid pregnancy, who sees vulva as the root of trouble and menstruation as nuisance, is by definition inclined to express such beliefs as symptoms. If for no other reason than to move these thought-forms out of mind…

This is Not a conscious process, neither is it an instant one. Yet a continual diet of negative messages will eventually emerge as symptoms. Our body-mind system, like any living organism, takes in, digests, and eliminates.

When we are fed by societal taboos and negativity (regarding menstruation and being female) we can’t digest these thought-forms. We can’t sustain them as nourishment, since they are not!

Like pimples erupting on our skin in order to get rid of unwanted substance or excess, so do symptoms erupt around our menstruation and reproductive organs in an attempt to expel unwanted thoughts and beliefs.

This is our body drawing our attention to the lack of balance we carry regarding our womanhood, our wombs, our vulva, or our menstruation.
So how do we reverse this?

Consciousness is always the first step. Take a moment and reflect on your inner narrative about menstruation.

What messages did you receive from your Mother? Grandmother? Girlfriends? The Media?

How many of these messages carry a negative tone to them?

If those messages could manifest as symptoms, what symptoms would they be?

Are these symptoms close to the ones you experience, monthly, around you menstruation?

If so, Bingo! You uncovered the underlying roots of your symptoms… What a relief to know these are the results of your own thought pattern. The conscious journey of changing it — will change not only your mind, but your body, too!

© 2011 DeAnna L’am, All Rights Reserved

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