Red Tent Secrets from your Grandmother

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– “Why can’t I go to the Red Tent too? Why can Mayra and Shelly go, and not me? It’s not fair!”
At 5 or 6 years of age you weren’t very patient, and you demanded an answer. You couldn’t understand how come your grandmother, who told you about Moon Magic and about being a Girl, stays home with you while your sister and cousin go to the Red Tent with your Mom and Auntie?

– “Come, sit with me” grandma softly calls you, patting a cushion by her altar. Your heart perks up! You know that when grandma calls you to sit by the alter — she will be whispering secrets in your ears, and you will feel special and important!

– “Do you remember, child, what is magical about the Moon?” she asks.
– “She dances!” you say, remembering the last time granny whispered Moon Secrets to you.
– “Yes, child” says grandma “the Moon is a Dancer! And When YOU begin to Flow with the Moon, you will feel her Dancing inside you!”
“Mayra and Shelly already do. They started their MoonFlow, and now they dance with the Moon every month, in the Red Tent, like your Mama does, and your Auntie Bella.”
– “Is there music in the Red Tent?” you eagerly ask. You love music!
– “Oh, child” granny smiles and hugs you close, “the music of the Moon is Within You…”

“Once your MoonFlow begins — your body is a Mirror of the Moon!”
granny says

– “One day, my child, when you are a little older, your MoonFlow will come, and we will celebrate you in the Red Tent!”

“After all, you were born there, on the birthing bricks! The Red silks were the first thing you saw, after you looked into your mother’s eyes. Everything around her glowed with red colors.”

“And even though you probably don’t remember, you used to go to the Red Tent with your Mama when you were still nursing, after her MoonFlow returned. She would sit with you in the Red Tent, and hum little songs to you, while she rocked you to sleep.”

“When you stopped nursing, it was time for you to stay home while Mama went to the Red Tent. She needed to rest during her MoonFlow, and you – like all children – needed to run and play and jump about, full of glee!”

“Your time will come, child, I promise!” granny says and holds your face in her hands. “One day you will feel the tag of the Moon in your body, and it will be time for the dance to begin!”

“There is a place for you in the Red Tent, child” says Grandma,
“And it is waiting for you, until you are ready…”

You sigh with relief… One day, you say to yourself, ONE DAY… And you feel very special indeed!

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