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From Wanetta Beal’s Facebook page

Fear is the most immediate response. The most handy. The most gripping. Like Fast Food. But how long would you want to live on fast food (if at all?)
And why settle for the most grab-able food, and choke on it, if you can enjoy a slow, nutritious, delicious meal?

Fear, like Hope, is food for the Soul

You can feed your Soul junk, or you can nourish it with living foods.

Grabbing whatever comes your way (News, What’sApp, Catastrophic predictions) and grasping onto them – is like flailing in turbulent waters. A desperate motion that is likely to cause drowning.

Recognizing the direction of a water stream, releasing control, and seeking calmness — are the ways to go if you are to survive a rushing stream or ocean waves.

Likewise, we are invited to stop flailing our emotions! To calmly evaluate the rapids coming towards us (News, What’sApp, Catastrophic Predictions), and to stop consuming it, if it brings about desperate inner flailing: despair, or helplessness. These are worse than junk food. They are poisonous to our Soul.

When we renounce poisonous foods, we are free to seek the highest nutritional sustenance for our body and soul. The most potent, living foods are found in remembering why we are here: to express our creativity, to connect with others, to rise above!

Now, that we are all ensconced in our homes, we have plenty of time for slow cooking, for contemplation, for sorting out the chaff from the wheat, the fake from the real, the nutritious from the poisonous, the soul food from anything else!

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  1. Dear DeAnna,

    I am so impressed with all that you have accomplished. The total organization, development, educational content, course development, heart-felt and sincere outreach! The openness and well developed content that touches the universal issues of initial lack of knowledge, myths and mysteries, the hidden fears. The facts and feelings!

    I remember my profound emotional reactions to the book, Red Tent many years ago! How remarkable you have expanded with this important clarification and support for women, of women.

    For me there is an important compliment to your work. Perhaps, “Red Tent Adjunct” for women that have wounds after abortions, miscarriages, hysterectomies, rapes and other violations, the many gynecology cancers. “Womanhood, the Womb and the Wounds.”

    Perhaps there are a variety of groups already established? This is an educational and organizational challenge! It would entail a comprehensive development as you have successfully accomplished!

    I thank you and applaud you and everyone that has been evolved to bring the Red Tent to this Educational Outreach!

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