Your Inner Red Tent

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You don’t need to go out. You don’t need to create a space. You don’t need to DO anything. The Red Tent is Inside you!

Close your eyes. Connect with your breath. Notice the rise and fall of your chest… your belly… No need to change anything. There is nothing to fix. Simply notice what IS.

Place one hand on your Heart, the other on your Womb.
Breathe. You are Home.

Place your attention on your Womb. Feel her pulse, her breath, her life: be it your flesh and blood Womb, or your Etheric Womb (if your physical one was surgically removed). This is your Seat of Power. Your seat of Creativity. Your Sanctuary. Your Inner Red Tent.

Imagine your Womb expanding. It grows beyond the boundaries of your body, to contain You within it. You are an embryo within your own Womb. You are safe, protected, nourished, content. There is Nothing you need in this moment. You are a circle within a circle. A pearl within its shell. A woman within her Inner Red Tent. A Soul within her own Womb.

You are Pregnant with yourself. You are laden with possibilities. You are as full as a juicy pomegranate is with a myriad of potentialities. What are you gestating? What are you nurturing within you? What are you growing inside your Inner Red Tent?

You may be giving rise to plans or projects out in the world. Yet you may choose to focus on Inner plans or projects, such as: Pruning dead-growth from a previous season… Releasing that grudge that has been festering… Letting go of something that no longer serves you… Or finding courage, determination, flexibility, focusing on growing any trait that has been elusive for a while…

All answers will come form sitting quietly inside your Inner Red Tent. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. A Red Tent is a place of Being. Allow yourself this luxury. Now.

For more Red Tent Resources
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When there is a RED TENT in Every Neighborhood –
The world will be a different place!

That’s why I created the Online RED TENT ACADEMY –
Because the World Needs Women like You to Hold them!

Sign Up for the Red Tent Academy Waiting List – HERE

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