Tanishka – The Moon Woman

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A juicy interview with
Tanishka – The Moon Woman:
Watch our shared vision igniting the screen!

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Tanishka and I share a vision, a passion, a calling, a life path…
Each on the other side of the globe, we received our calling around the same time, dedicated our lives to it, and are unfolding our path on parallel lines, each bringing her unique flavor to empowering women globally.

Tanishka is best known as Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’ with half a million followers of her daily guidance.
She is passionate about creating social sustainability, through teaching people how to understand and align with the effect of the natural cycles.
An author of five books, she has taught ancient wisdom traditions and practices for more than two decades.
Tanishka is a leader in the global Red Tent movement and has trained women in 44 countries to facilitate Red Tent women’s circles, both as a community building initiative and as a way to support women during their most challenging time of the month.

Tanishka is a former stand-up comedienne, who has captivated audiences around the world by decoding the greatest mystery of all time, ‘The Holy Grail’ from the perspective of the sacred feminine.

Her latest book, ‘Goddess Wisdom’ – published by Hay House in conjunction with an online course – was released June 2017. She is currently writing her sixth book, The Grail.
To find out more about Tanishka’s work visit www.themoonwoman.com

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