Heart and Womb: our Left and Right Brains

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We constantly talk about returning to our Heart, seldom about returning to our womb.
Maybe because our heart functions like the Left Brain to our womb, which runs like our Right Brain. Or put differently: our heart is Solar, and our womb Lunar.

Our heart acts as the Sun in our inner realm. Or it’s Left Brain. Our heart has the capacity for sending rays of loving light to both ourselves and to others. It is consistent, dependable, and methodical. As is our Left Brain.

Our womb, on the other hand, is the Moon in our inner realm. Or it’s Right Brain. It is highly creative, ever-changing ever transforming, ever dancing. Our womb expands and contracts like the Moon. It dances with the Moon. It grows an inner lining monthly, and sheds it, like a snake sheds its skin. Or – it can create and sustain life. Just like our Right brain – creativity is its signature.

Lets stop stumbling in the darkness of banishment from our Womb.
Let’s reclaim our womb as our inner compass
from a culture that raised us to ignore it.

We all know how it felt to be told to rely on our logical mind, not our heart. We’re familiar with the ache of overriding our heart’s impulses in favor of our head’s reasoning. We are versed in cultivating attention to our Right Brain, after years of being trained to rely on our Left Brain alone.

Our Heart and Womb are the New Left and Right Brains!

Neither brain is redundant, in the same way that neither Sun nor Moon are superfluous. They each play a different – and crucial – role in our galaxy. So are our Heart and Womb: both essential to our well-being; none lesser than the other, none more important than the other. We are each a galaxy, in which our Heart and Womb have two distinct, unique, essential roles.

Our Heart is the seat of continual Compassion. Our Womb – the seat of our Creative Inner Guidance.

Our Heart beats the rhythm of life. Our Womb – the rhythm of our unique dance.

After working to bring balance to our Left and Right brains, it’s time to balance our heart and womb. No one else can do this for us. It’s an inside job. And it begins with us!

This is what Womb Academy was created for!

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