Womb Activism

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Many women around the world responded to the Womb Action call!
Collectively, we offered Womb Energy to help heal a recent disaster in Leverkusen, Germany, where 3 chemical poison tanks exploded at BAYER’s hazardous waste landfill on July 27, 2021.

It’s time to be Womb-Centered, let our Wombs unite, and make Magic Together!

We held a Live Circle on Facebook, with women from around the world, sending collective Womb Energy to help heal the recent disaster in Leverkusen, Germany.

Since the moment of power is always NOW – you can tune-in and be part of this global healing ceremony — in the moment of watching the recording, simply by being present and aligning your intentions with the circle’s intentions.

I invite you to be a WOMB ACTIVIST!

Chemical spilling –
the Earth is hurting,
the Elements are out of balance,
we can Unite our WOMBS in Service!

Our Womb is a place of transformation –
it’s time we use it together for the Good of All!

It’s time to be Womb-Centered,
to unite our Wombs,
and make Magic Together!

Global Womb Activation
Celebrated Annually on August 31
Click HERE

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