Global Womb Activation

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It’s Time to make our Womb Visible!

We Each have a Unique Womb Print!
In the same way that our finger-prints, our foot-prints, and our voice — are all unique, so is our Womb Print one of a kind!

Our Wombs are unique to us. They reflect the wellness of our body through the vibrancy of our Menstrual Blood. Or, they let us know when something is wrong through changes we see in our Menstrual Blood.

Our Womb is the Seat of our Womanhood:
It is the birth-place of our cyclical experience as women.
It is where we feel our rhythm. Yet the Choice is ours: we can listen to it, or ignore it. We will always reap the rewards, or consequences, accordingly.

Our Womb communicates to us clearly, by signals of Moods. Our emotional moods return, cyclically, every month. If we are tuned-in — we will take time-off when we sense a need to withdraw from the world, and live-out our full expression when we’re called to expand and engage with the world!

Our Womb is a Shape Shifter:
Our womb is smaller than the inside of our palm, yet it is able to grow to 500 times it’s size in pregnancy! It returns to it’s original size after birth.
The womb also fluctuates in weight: from 2 ounces on average, to over 2 pounds in pregnancy, and back again after birth.

Our Womb Carries our Blood Line:
Eggs form in our uterus while we are in our mother’s womb. This means that when your Mother was in your Grandmother’s womb — the egg that eventually became You – was already there. You were in your Grandmother’s womb, encapsulated as an egg of potentiality!

Similarly, if you birthed children in this life, they were eggs in your fetus body, inside your Mother’s womb, while she was pregnant with You. Isn’t it astonishing how the generations of our Blood Line are nestled in our wombs?

It’s Time to make our Womb Visible!

Our Womb Connects us to All Women:
ALL Cisgender Women have a Womb. Sharing a womb potentially connects cisgender women beyond orientation, nationalities, religions, beliefs, or any perceived differences. It is a path for bonding globally, beyond separation, as Cyclical Lunar Beings.

Healing our Womb Heals our Womanhood Traumas:
Many of our Reproductive System’s ailments, physical and emotional, start with the Invisibility of our womb at Menarche – our 1st Menstrual Blood.

Bringing visibility, soothing, honoring, and celebration to our Womb – begins to reverse symptoms, increase our self love and self acceptance, and empower us as women!

The Seat of our Womanhood:
Our unique Print, our system of Feedback, our ability to Shape-Shift, our connection to our Ancestors, the place of Healing our Womanhood Wounds –
our Womb is the Seat of our Power!

Yet –
Our womb is invisible to our world cultures.
It is not honored, not praised, not appreciated, nor acknowledged.
It is absent form most art, poetry, and creative celebrations…

It’s time
to make our Womb Visible!

Learn How it all works
and Reserve your Free Seat HERE

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for these words that re-connect me to others, through time & to my self.

  2. Thankful to you. This has given me an idea ready for when my daughter has her menarche. Part of our ceremony will be some womb art!

    1. What a wonderful flowering: making womb art with your daughter at her Menarche ceremony! Many blessings on this journey, and would love to see photos when the time comes!

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