Wombs of the world Unite

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Our womb is a MATRIX. And all of our wombs together are the Universal Matrix!
A matrix is the environment – or a context – in which something Develops and Grows, such as a society, or a Human Being…
In mathematics, a matrix is an arrangement of numbers, symbols, or letters in rows and columns, which is used in solving mathematical problems.
So a Matrix is an INCUBATOR for development, Growth, and Solutions!
And so is our Womb: an environment for the initiation of life, its developing and growth, that comes to fruition with birth – be it of a human life OR of ideas, initiatives, and inspiration.
When we join, energetically, All of our Wombs together – we birth a New World!
Practice it…
And remember:

Together – we are changing the world!


Frequently Asked Questions:

– What is the Difference between Womb Academy & Red Tent Academy? 

Womb Academy with Class LogoWomb Academy is a Healing Journey of Empowerment
                     Read more HERE


Red Tent Academy is a Training Journey for Holding Red Tents
                     Read more HERE



– Which should I take first?

The two programs complement each other.
You are welcome to start with either one.
Taking both offers optimal benefit: both personally and professionally!

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