Why were women labeled unclean

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This is a question I’m asked a lot. After all, in ancient times women gathered in Red Tents and Moon Lodges to Rest and Renew themselves during Menstruation, and were supported and honored by their tribes.
What happened?
There are many explanations regarding men’s fear of women’s power during their MoonTime… and men’s envy that gave rise to a need to control and oppress women.
But another layer of this picture is revealed by Ethiopian women who, to this day, go monthly to the Women’s House – Margam Gojo – during their menstruation. They say it is a Safe Place, where no demands are made of them, where no man can enter, where they develop a secret layer of their life. The men, they say, may think it is cursed, but we know it is our domain, and we love it!
So, no matter what the culture around us thinks – it is we, each of us, that define our experience!
Savor it…
And remember:

Together – we are changing the world!


Frequently Asked Questions:

– What is the Difference between Womb Academy & Red Tent Academy? 

Womb Academy with Class LogoWomb Academy is a Healing Journey of Empowerment
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The two programs complement each other.
You are welcome to start with either one.
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