Our Womb is Not a public Dump Ground!

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Have you visited your local dump ground lately?
The various local dump grounds are typically out-of-sight out-of-mind places, which we don’t even want to think about. Probably because they are environmental disasters, full of junk that will never decompose, or return to the Earth. This sounds dangerously like what is happening in our Wombs!

How is our Womb like a public Dump Ground?

Our world cultures bombard us, from a very young age, with endless trashing messages about our Womb, our Body, our Menstruation, our Menopause:
negative words, cultural taboos, social put-downs, stigmas, and advertisement that urges us to cover up, hide, mask, and suppress our natural womb rhythm. As if our blood was trash.

“I don’t buy into this” you might say, and rightly so. But when you were Nine or Twelve years old — you probably didn’t know any better! Not only did most of us unwittingly “buy” into this as we were growing up, but we STORED this negativity in the only damp-ground available for it, the place it all referred to: Our Womb.

It is scientifically known now that our Belief becomes our Biology, as was concluded by leading researcher & scientist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and others.

In a fascinating read, Lipton examines and describes the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information. This research radically changed our previous understanding of life, by showing that neither genes nor DNA control our biology, but rather:

Our DNA is controlled by SIGNALS from OUTSIDE the cell,
including Messages emanating from our
Positive and Negative Thoughts!

This is profoundly hopeful! It indicates that contemporary research in cell biology and quantum physics found evidence that our bodies are not only INFLUENCED by our negative thoughts, but that:

Our Body can change by Re-Training our Thinking!

Even though our Womb has been a Dumping Ground for Cultural Spam for generations, we can Consciously STOP being a Receptor for cultural beliefs IF WE CHANGE OUR THOUGHT PROCESS!

This is our moment: we are ready to say Enough is Enough! There is nothing more we need to wait for.

It is time for us to Acknowledge that
Cultural Spam has contaminated our thought process as girls,
and it will continue to Lodge in our Wombs
UNLESS we Do something about it!

This is a Call to to engage in an Exciting Task:
Dig up all Taboos and Negativity from our Womb, let go of of them, and Replace them with Nourishing Soul Food that will help us Thrive beyond the Horizons we currently have!

This is what Womb Academy is for!
To Read more or Sign up – Click HERE

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