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It is my honor and joy to be Suzanne Toro’s guest on Be Simply Radio Show, exploring moon wisdom for women in these changing times, advocating ways to ground ourselves in our MoonTime, honor our Cyclicty, listen to ourselves deeply, and take our signal from within our body and womb rather than external authorities!

Please listen, comment, post any questions that come up for you, and begin to implement your wisdom – one step at a time.

Together – we are changing the world! 



Frequently Asked Questions:

– What is the Difference between Womb Academy & Red Tent Academy? 

Womb Academy with Class LogoWomb Academy is a Healing Journey of Empowerment
                     Read more HERE


Red Tent Academy is a Training Journey for Holding Red Tents
                     Read more HERE



– Which should I take first?

The two programs complement each other.
You are welcome to start with either one.
Taking both offers optimal benefit: both personally and professionally!

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