Looking in the Mirror

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Women in high positions (CEOs, judges, therapists) get up every morning, look in the mirror, and judge themselves.

Rich or poor, professionals or working class, women want to change how they look.

My Mom always commented about her (excess) weight, was always on a strict weight-loss diet, said that most cloths make her “look fat”, and thought she was “too short”.

Did you see your mother look at herself in the mirror and smile?
Did she put on new cloths and give herself a compliment?
Did you ever hear her say: “I look great!”

For that matter, did you see any adult women in your family do any such things?
If not, look no farther for an answer to the question: Why don’t we love our body more? It’s as simple as that: we never had role models for loving our body.

What do you remember?

When your mom, and other women around you, looked in the mirror, what did they typically do? How much did they judge?

Did they judge themselves with words? Or with silent looks? Did they develop recurring nasty remarks, or a sneering facial gesture?
Which of these behaviors do you catch yourself repeat in front of the mirror?
And if you catch yourself mirroring these behaviors (pan intended), is this acceptable to you?

How much longer would you wait to accept yourself as you are? To love your body as it is?
Would you say to yourself:
OK, I’ll judge my body for a little longer? I’ll loath myself for a few more years?
Or – if you knew there was a way out would you take it now?

There Is a Way Out!

There is a path for self loving and self acceptance and it is hidden in your womb. Your womb holds the key for unlocking hidden treasures.

If you wish to wait a few years to accept yourself as you are – it’s your choice and I respect it.
But if you are ready to discover the gold within you, then I’d like to support you.

Let’s be brave when we’re Looking in the Mirror!

Lets begin by courageously facing the behaviors that don’t serve us, starting with all we say, think, and do — when we look at the mirror.
This is the first step toward change!

I invite you to learn more
about your Womb as the Key
to Self Love & Self Acceptance

Sign Up for
Womb Academy Priority List – HERE

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