Wombs without Borders

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On International Women’s Day: March 8, 2022, we united our hearts and wombs around the world to move from war to womb, from conflict to compassion, with our beloved Elders.

Our wombs were calling, Urgently:
On behalf of Ukraine & Russia,
on behalf of the world!

We gathered on a Virtual Womb Circle – WOMBS WITHOUT BORDERS – to bring compassion to ALL who suffer, on All sides of All borders, and to collectively amplify Womb Consciousness across the world.

When I was 7 years old my mother was pregnant with my brother.
She showed me a diagram of the womb in a book called A Baby Comes Into the World (in Hebrew).
It looked like a machine, or maybe this is how it was described. Functional. No mystery, no magic.
A “bakery” for babies.

It turned out, later, this ‘machine’ was also disposable, as my mother’s womb was surgically removed.

It took me at least another decade to remember that Womb in Hebrew – Rehem – means compassion.
A word hidden in plain sight, a word whose meaning is all but forgotten…

It took yet another decade for me to begin to discover the beauty, the depth, the mystery of the womb.
And I am still discovering.

Just when I thought she can not teach me anything new, my womb, together with my friend Yael Zeligman-Merculieff’s womb, called us to task. Our wombs urged us to act on behalf of the Wombs of the World, in face of the Russian-Ukrainian war, in the face of All conflicts around the world.

To ask ourselves and each other:

Are we connected to fear & despair
or do we practice Womb Ways?


Our a Virtual Circle – WOMBS WITHOUT BORDERS – was committed to bringing compassion to ALL who suffer, on All sides of All borders, and to collectively amplify Womb Consciousness around the world.

This is what Womb Academy is about
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