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PMS Can Stop With You!

Do you truly believe nature intended women to suffer monthly? This is a rather absurd idea, when you think of it this way, since menstruation

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Has Your Moon Paused?

After years of cycling regularly, my period failed to come. I was traveling abroad, while my husband was at home, so I knew I wasn’t

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Red Tent

Befriend Your Womb!

Last week I had the privilege of receiving a Maya Abdominal Massage. Not only was the massage a deeply healing (and a looong overdue) treat,

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Our Stories, Ourselves

My own transition into womanhood was painfully lacking in warmth or empowerment. How was the day of Your first period? Was it an inspiring experience?

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RED TENT on YouTube

I’m excited to present to you my first YouTube offering ~ RED TENTS: Reclaim, Renew, Rejoice This video is a call to renew ancient traditions,

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