“Filthy” during our period?

A brave sister from Tunisia wrote: “In Islam we are not allowed to pray during our periods... not even alone... we are considered filthy...” This painful comment was posted during a live broadcast conversation about the sacredness of our MoonTime, with my guest Jasmin Starrchild. Islam is but one example for this conviction. Judaism, too, [...]

Become Womb Fluent!

What does 'Fluent' mean? The dictionary defines it as: “The ability to speak or write a particular foreign language easily and accurately. From the Latin 'Fluentem' meaning To Flow.” How interesting that Fluency is achieved of a 'foreign' language, and the Womb, indeed, is a Foreign Language for most who grew up in today's cultures. [...]

MoonTime Wisdom from Ethiopia – Part 2

A treasure of stories from an Ethiopian living tradition of the Women's House with Aveva Bat Mahari. Hebrew with English Subtitles How was it to go to the Women's House every month, from your first period? To share monthly time with women in your village? To have a secret language? Aveva generously shares her memories [...]

Coming of Age Secrets from your Grandmother

“Grandma, I don't remember what it's like in the Red Tent...” At age 5 or 6 you only vaguely remember your sister's Coming of Age ceremony. There were soft flowing veils in many shades of red... your Mom and sisters all dressed in red, but... what did you do there...? “You know, child” grandma says [...]

MoonTime Wisdom from Ethiopia

Yuvi Tashome was born in a small village in Ethiopia. She left with her family when she was 6 years old, as part of the mass migration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, but she remembers the village ways, and especially the ways of the women... (* see my video interview with Yuvi at the bottom [...]

In praise of our Womb

In Hebrew, the words WOMB and COMPASSION come form the same root: R.H.M. while in Aramaic, WOMB and LOVE are the Same Word: Rahimu! In English, on the other hand, the word WOMB, is traced by Wiktionary as coming “From Middle English wombe, wambe, from Old English womb, wamb (“belly, stomach; bowels; heart; womb; hollow”), from [...]

Menstrual Offering 2020

* Spanish translation follows English May 22, 2020 marks the First International Menstrual Offering Day, birthed in Mexico by Jimena Chalchi and Ana Gabriela Robles from CycleBloom, and the Red Tent Movement in Mexico. Behind this exciting initiative there is an evolving story! A story about the surprising ways in which things grow - in [...]

Heart Clarity

When I need to get somewhere – I rely on my head. But when I need CLARITY -- I turn to my heart...   Finding a destination on the map, such as a friend's house, a national park, or an office building, requires that I follow a predictable path. A path trodden before by many [...]

My First Period – Danielle’s Story

Danielle Felippe, from Brazil, shares her story with courage and heart: Me at 11 years old! The age when I received my 1st cycle and became a woman. Before this day arrived, I was a free girl, always happy, creative and full of dreams, who loved to paint, write stories, swim, ride horses, climb trees, [...]

Is Menstruation Odorless?

Yes! it is! You read it right. So why do most people think of menstrual blood as 'smelly'? (Do you?) Why are there ads-galore trying to 'help' you mask the odor? Why do so many people feel menstrual blood is 'gross'? We're used to a smell accompanying our menstrual blood, but guess what? It ISN'T our [...]