Global Womb Activation

It's Time to make our Womb Visible! We Each have a Unique Womb Print! In the same way that our finger-prints, our foot-prints, and our voice -- are all unique, so is our Womb Print one of a kind! Our Wombs are unique to us. They reflect the wellness of our body through the vibrancy [...]

Moon Guide

It is my honor and joy to be Suzanne Toro's guest on Be Simply Radio Show, exploring moon wisdom for women in these changing times, advocating ways to ground ourselves in our MoonTime, honor our Cyclicty, listen to ourselves deeply, and take our signal from within our body and womb rather than external authorities! Please [...]

Become Womb Fluent

Our Womb is Not a Foreign Language! Living with a Womb is a Cyclical Journey by Design! We can't understand our Womb by reading it Linearly. Fluidity is Non-Linear Trying to live Linearly with a Womb - is like trying to fit a Round peg into a Square hole... In the same way that Symbols [...]

What’s a Home for your Womb

You know how there are places where you immediately feel At Home, and others you don't... ? Where does Your WOMB feel most at home? For me – it is in a RED TENT! There are many ways to hold Red Tents -- as varied as the women holding them. For me – a Red [...]

Your Inner Red Tent

You don’t need to go out. You don’t need to create a space. There is Nothing to DO! The Red Tent is Inside you!Close your eyes... Connect with your breath... Notice the rise and fall of your chest… your belly… No need to change anything. There is nothing to fix. Simply notice what IS. Place one [...]

What to Do on your Period

“What to do while menstruating? I know of journaling, meditation, but what else to do?” Answering Meena from Indiana, USA I invite you to ask your most burning question about Menstruation, Menopause, or the Red Tent, and receive a Downloadable Red Tent Awakening Gift - Click Here Your question might be answered on Thriving Thursdays [...]

Tanishka – The Moon Woman

A juicy interview with Tanishka - The Moon Woman: Watch our shared vision igniting the screen!  Click on the Video to watch Tanishka and I share a vision, a passion, a calling, a life path... Each on the other side of the globe, we received our calling around the same time, dedicated our lives to [...]

Our Womb is Not a public Dump Ground!

Have you visited your local dump ground lately? The various local dump grounds are typically out-of-sight out-of-mind places, which we don't even want to think about. Probably because they are environmental disasters, full of junk that will never decompose, or return to the Earth. This sounds dangerously like what is happening in our Wombs! How [...]

“Filthy” during our period?

A brave sister from Tunisia wrote: “In Islam we are not allowed to pray during our periods... not even alone... we are considered filthy...” This painful comment was posted during a live broadcast conversation about the sacredness of our MoonTime, with my guest Jasmin Starrchild. Islam is but one example for this conviction. Judaism, too, [...]

Become Womb Fluent!

What does 'Fluent' mean? The dictionary defines it as: “The ability to speak or write a particular foreign language easily and accurately. From the Latin 'Fluentem' meaning To Flow.” How interesting that Fluency is achieved of a 'foreign' language, and the Womb, indeed, is a Foreign Language for most who grew up in today's cultures. [...]