In praise of our Womb

In Hebrew, the words WOMB and COMPASSION come form the same root: R.H.M. while in Aramaic, WOMB and LOVE are the Same Word: Rahimu! In English, on the other hand, the word WOMB, is traced by Wiktionary as coming “From Middle English wombe, wambe, from Old English womb, wamb (“belly, stomach; bowels; heart; womb; hollow”), from [...]

What does Academy has to do with the Red Tent?

Good question! The word 'Academy' always brings to mind research, studiousness, and, yes, an air of a traditional male-based ivory tower. We can trace the Academy origins back to “Plato's school of philosophy, founded approximately 385 BC at Akademia, a sanctuary of Athena, the goddess of wisdom” If Academy was the original school of philosophy, we need to remember that Philosophy [...]

Anti-Aging, Anyone?

Imagine a culture that values Old Age as beautiful: Older people are revered for their beauty since the lines on their faces symbolize Wisdom. Here, old faces are the ideal. The older and more wrinkled a face is -- the higher it ranks on the beauty scale. Younger people in this culture are thought of [...]

Heart Clarity

When I need to get somewhere – I rely on my head. But when I need CLARITY -- I turn to my heart...   Finding a destination on the map, such as a friend's house, a national park, or an office building, requires that I follow a predictable path. A path trodden before by many [...]

Peri-Menopause: Eye Contact with the Unknown

- “I feel terrible,” a client said, “my period used to be so regular, for years & years! Now I skip periods, I bleed for 2 weeks straight, I am irritable, I don't know what to expect...” - “THIS is the nature of Peri-Menopause” I said, admitting the truth of the matter. Peri-Menopause is a [...]

1st Step to Changing the Paradigm

A year is a CYCLE, though popular culture pretends time is linear, and tells us we move forward in a straight line, for instance: 3000 B.C., 1958 , to the current achievement: 2020! Yet the seasons Turn and RE-turn! Winter follows Spring, then Summer and Autumn return. What’s Linear about that? Our BIRTHDAY returns again and [...]

A Diva Outside the Box

“You can't do that!” said Samantha. We sat in her kitchen in São Paulo, Brazil, drinking tea and talking about my booklet for girls 'A Diva's Guide To Getting Your Period'. Originally written in English, the book has been translated into 8 languages. It has a different Title in each country (chosen according to each [...]

Croning Ceremonies: Keepers of Primal Mysteries

{Guest Post} By Melinda Voss © The Des Moines Register In Ancient times, older women were the keepers of primal Mysteries and were revered for their special wisdom. Clad in purple, surrounded by memorabilia, Linda Sanda stood in her Urbandale, Iowa, dining room and talked about turning 50. About 40 close friends, co-workers and family [...]

Are New Resolutions getting Old?

As an Aries I am a lover of New Beginnings and New Resolutions! Aries, whose domain is spring, and who symbolizes fresh starts, delights in starting new projects, but isn't all that thrilled about following up... The New Year, a New Moon, a New Season, a New Cycle – anything is a great opportunity (and [...]

Celebrate International Red Tent Day

A group of women was visioning the future on November 8, 2014. It was the last session of a Red Tent Activation workshop in Mexico City, which I traveled from California to teach. Spirits were high, the room was buzzing with excitement. We were floating on waves of sisterhood, inspired by each other, and by [...]