Womb Heart

Most women have never heard the term “Womb-Heart”... I was honored and delighted to respond to Mare Cromwell's call to participate, alongside international Wisdom Keepers, in her series of Womb-Heart interviews, as part of the 1000 Goddesses Gathering. In this video Mare and I explore the Womb-Heart and I offer a Womb-Heart meditation. Enjoy! Our [...]

Global Womb Activation

It's Time to make our Womb Visible! We Each have a Unique Womb Print! In the same way that our finger-prints, our foot-prints, and our voice -- are all unique, so is our Womb Print one of a kind! Our Wombs are unique to us. They reflect the wellness of our body through the vibrancy [...]

Become Womb Fluent

Our Womb is Not a Foreign Language! Living with a Womb is a Cyclical Journey by Design! We can't understand our Womb by reading it Linearly. Fluidity is Non-Linear Trying to live Linearly with a Womb - is like trying to fit a Round peg into a Square hole... In the same way that Symbols [...]

Your Inner Red Tent

You don’t need to go out. You don’t need to create a space. There is Nothing to DO! The Red Tent is Inside you!Close your eyes... Connect with your breath... Notice the rise and fall of your chest… your belly… No need to change anything. There is nothing to fix. Simply notice what IS. Place one [...]

MoonTime Wisdom from Ethiopia – Part 2

A treasure of stories from an Ethiopian living tradition of the Women's House with Aveva Bat Mahari. Hebrew with English Subtitles How was it to go to the Women's House every month, from your first period? To share monthly time with women in your village? To have a secret language? Aveva generously shares her memories [...]

Coming of Age Secrets from your Grandmother

“Grandma, I don't remember what it's like in the Red Tent...” At age 5 or 6 you only vaguely remember your sister's Coming of Age ceremony. There were soft flowing veils in many shades of red... your Mom and sisters all dressed in red, but... what did you do there...? “You know, child” grandma says [...]

Red Tent Secrets from your Grandmother

- “Why can't I go to the Red Tent too? Why can Mayra and Shelly go, and not me? It's not fair!” At 5 or 6 years of age you weren't very patient, and you demanded an answer. You couldn't understand how come your grandmother, who told you about Moon Magic and about being a [...]

If Grandmother Told you Moon Secrets

“I wonder when Grandma will tell me about the Magic of the Moon, like she promised” you ask yourself. At 5 or 6 years of age -- you see Magic all around you, and you can't wait! As dusk settles-in, you spot the Moon up in the sky. “Granny, granny,” you call running to her, [...]

Imagine Hearing Womb Secrets as a Girl

Imagine yourself as a young girl of five or six years old. Your mother calls you to come to her special place by the alter, asking you to bring your favorite dolls with you. Your Grandmother is already there, together with your two aunts, your older sister, and your three girl cousins. Your Grandmother invites [...]

MoonTime Wisdom from Ethiopia

Yuvi Tashome was born in a small village in Ethiopia. She left with her family when she was 6 years old, as part of the mass migration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, but she remembers the village ways, and especially the ways of the women... (* see my video interview with Yuvi at the bottom [...]